Month: November 2013

write 1000 words everyday

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Pondering over the tweeter feeds this morning I came across an interesting post on Medium.

Writing 1000 words a day is like brushing their teeth

I don’t remember when was the last time I wrote a post with 1000 words, syncing with the above mentioned line it will emphasize I have not brushed my teeth for I don’t know how many days. The writer talked of a situation where he was responsible for producing regular content and he was not being creative enough to make the same. Few months down the line I might face a situation where I will be paid to write, meeting deadlines and expectations. And if I too wait to get inspired I will be screwed as well. So, how to go about it?

Well, the very next minute I figured out that yes I have to adopt the same methodology. Not exactly a 1000 worded post but yes somethig to get me started. Things here might turn out as garbage but going with this habit I might produce few gold content.

Sometimes I tend to surprise myself as how I have brought myself so close to writing when I never really liked English (as a topic) in my school days. But soon after that in a series of events, bizarre things happen and it was not long before I figured out that writing was one of many passions. I concluded I need to adopt this in my life, if I wish to be happy. Yes the decision to stand up to your dreams will not come as easy as other monotonous ones but perseverance is the key to everything. Isnt’t it ?

Eventful things have happened in the last few months (or I should say I have planted these events) and the final outcome is yet to arrive. I will try to keep up with every event in my subsequent posts.

Until next.