Month: December 2013

so I dropout.

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As I stand here now, there are clear changes of me falling down.

Yes, I have decided to drop out from college. There are n number of reasons for which I was compelled to take this decision. For starters I would like to share this post here.

education zombie

If you have ever faced the above mentioned phenomenon in life you would perhaps agree that colleges today hardly provide quality education. When I entered into college I had dreams to learn and implement many things in the field of electronics. I was fascinated with circuits and its components.

But opposite to my calculations, my college had just had theory papers to offer. Right into my 1st year I got this thought that “I was wasting my time and money”. I would think at times of dropping out but call it fear of society, I never did executed the plan.

Fast forward 3 years, a saturation point was tripped, result–> my decision of dropping out.

How it would affect my future I have no idea but I just cannot let go my dreams . And that someday I would achieve all of them.