Not good enough

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So, its summer again and I thought of trying my luck at getting a internship. I started my search (just like last winter) and over a period of a month,  wrote as many mails as I could ;).

Of all 3 responded for a telephonic conversation. The first one was the best where I had expectations (both from the employer and from myself) . I lived upon mine and performed all the tasks but as it turned out there were people better than me (thats what they told) . At the end of the day, I never got the opportunity. From then I got 2 more rejections.

And in the last interview it happened that I was exposed to questions (about technology stacks) that I never cared to know. Although I realized I had messed up the situation here as well but there were many positive points to consider. I will be working on them in the future to improve my knowledge base.

The same thing happened last winter as well but eventually I ended up with two internships. Thats because I was determined that I am good enough to be hired. I still believe but I need to focus more on my startup Geeklab. We will be soon starting operations.


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