Month: June 2014

Midnight tales

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The title suggests its a midnight rant, i would not say exactly midnight. Its. 2:30 am, you get my point.
I am still reading the journal I was reading in the morning. Ya, i have no life. That reminds me this happens to be my second post today, something I havent done in recent times.

Blogging is hard when you have written more than 100s of posts. I was once freelancing as a journalist (at a national media house) worked there for 10 months. Before that i worked/ wrote number of blogs, articles, poems, tales and about everything I dreamt of doing once.

When i first started writing I had this dream of becoming a writer and people will praise my work. I was successful in achieving that dream. In less than 2 years i was satisfied and hence writing came to a halt. Now i tend to write more for myself( i dont need to please anyone) 😉


reading a journal

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Found a journal after a long interval and it seems just like the old times.

Alot has been happening in life (actually nothing is really happening. ) I am just sitting in my home jobless. Although there is one meeting today with our investors. Hope something good happens there.

And as if I was not facing enough troubles my notebook started giving me troubles as well.

generating a post by email again.

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