Birthday Girl

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Its quite late in the night and I should be sleeping by now but then here I am writing.
So, why I am writing? So, there is this girl from college, we talk quite sometime. Actually we were good friends a year back but then things drifted apart. and ever since then we have been on and off. Never really settled on any thing and at the same time never bonded on anything either.

I don’t know what was going right between usthat we started bonding so well, suddenly. Yes, suddenly ! Being together for 2 years we never really talked much and then in 3rd year we started chatting.

Why I am writing about her? well its because yesterday was her birthday and deep in my corner I wanted to talk to her (but couldnt for her number was changed). That left me thinking. Why?

Actually I am myself not aware why and what I am writing these. I just wanted to write about.

Good night.


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