This About page will be a cluster of archives over the years. So, enjoy the timely changes.


Hi, I’m Anurag and this is my personal blog. I am a college student at an Engineering College in Kolkata. I am against  with all the rules the education mafia set (which emphasizes more on marks(which comes from mugging) rather than creativity, skills and knowledge ).

Sometimes I write blogs, codes(for fun) and at times professionally for money. I also draw at times and no! you won’t find any sketches here.

Earlier I used to work for a media company (as a writer), bored with all the articles I switched to compiling codes. Python is my favorite weapon (of mas-destruction). But somethings need to be done with others as well.

I don’t possess a professional camera and I don’t click but still you will find some pictures of everyday stuffs around me.


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