hovering in the past. Questions and Ans.

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the question : No matter how content you are with your present life, you always have to dig into your past. Why in the world you always do that? Causing pain and sorrows upon yourself and people around.

That one moment that you could have easily avoided but instead you choose to maneuver it. You should have realized that somethings (read people) are not present in your life for a reason and reaching out for them will only make matters worse.

Yes, I agree the past haunts sometimes, it does to everyone. But there is a definite reason it is called โ€œpastโ€, and no matter how hard you try they will never be your present, leave alone the future. For the sanity of yourself and others get a life and stop messing.

Its better you live in your present and move with the flow

reasons: Yes I know why I dive into my past, because she was the only good thing that happened to me back in the school days (might also include college). School was really a tough time for me for I hardly made any friends. People used to follow others around (usually ones who had good marks or were some sort of funny or witty) I was neither of them in fact I was total foolish and dumb. Back then also I had this thought why I should follow other, go WHERE EVER they go? They weren’t my friends in ant sense they were just my batch mates.
These apart from many were/are the reasons I keep poking into my past hoping against hope to relive some/any of the those moments. But recent events have made me realize that other party regards me as retard (may be pervert)


We wont be young again. We wont love like crazies anymore.

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Read a interesting tweet this morning, which surprisingly speaks logic of the real world.

We wont be young again. We wont love like crazies anymore.

It will primarily take me back to old days at school but I don’t mind. Yes the sentence is very true. (Gosh I have written these lines before.)

As we tend to grow into adults sense and understanding starts creeping in and that’s when all the fun part dies out. As teenagers we all must have experienced ( and done) things that given a chance we won’t (or atleast think twice before doing) do as adults. Yes, being a adult has its own advantages but who doesn’t love being reckless and carefree. I would love to revisit my teenagers days again ๐Ÿ™‚ (and perhaps mend few things/relationships)

Yes, I badly miss some people who gave me dreams and were with me but life moves on.

I won’t be young again. I wont be able to love like crazies anymore.

Hovering in the past

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Over the past few days I have been sulking in with the old memories.

Sometimes the illusion of the past gives more satisfaction than the harsh realities of present. But sooner or later you have to get out of the bubble and come back to reality. Then the realization dawns upon you that there is no use remembering it.
Alas, it too late and you have instigated a series of chain reactions which will land you up in a depression state. Now, it will atleast take you couple of days (if you have experience) or more (if you are a total newbie) to get out of it.
Say, you feel better and out of the depression, now you think why were you even thinking of your past? Logical answer: never do that now, but as I said above sometimes the illusion are before beautiful.

You were with me even when you didn’t entered in my life.
You were the smell of a new blooming flower, every beautiful evening reminded me of your magic.

You were the dream behind my closed eyes. you were in every words spelled from my lips.

You were with me even when you didn’t entered my life.

you still are.


Reliving the past

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Last week was very interesting, ofcourse there was holi but I also reconnected to some of my old friends. Its always good to hear from old buddies, one of which was in my school since nursery. So, that was nice.

But that also brought back memories from the past, memories given by a person that no longer exists in my life. But it was good, they no longer haunt me.


In other news I donated blood today, second time !! yay. It felt good but the patient might not live longer, still I did what I could. Hospitals always have been a home for people in misery and pain. Although there are very few things that touch or instigate my emotions but seeing these people in pain, makes me weak. I thought I was immune to emotions but I guess I am not.

Recently I have been watching Dexter (Tv series) alot and have started making connections with the dual lives he cherishes. *smiles*