bad memories

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Had another dream today of my school, of S and of my mates. I don’t like them now, they remind me of a bad phase. A period of my life which I would to discard away, but they haunt me every now and then. It’s strange how a single factor can turn your good old times into horrible memories. At one point of time I used to cherish my life there, like things couldn’t be any better but now even remembering those days gives shakes me totally.
I dont remember the dream anymore, its faded which in a sense is good.

There is a meeting with Betaglide’s founder today, we would be discussing the terms of my 2 week stay in Bangalore. Whatever the term may be I would be glad to accept. This is by far the best chance I have been offered by any company.

Will be leaving for Bangalore next month.

Until Next.