Creating a community with stories from campuses across India

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Creating a community with stories from campuses across India

As I scan through different sections of last month issue of Campus Diaries, I cannot help but appreciate the overall design and quality of the magazine. It reminds me of the flick ‘Wake up Sid’ — where the office in the movie had charismatic wallpapers and a good looking setup and I wonder if Campus Diaries is similar?

After staring at the magazine long enough I turn towards my roommate “Dude,I wish I could work here”

The journey of Campus Diaries

For a regular college going student what purpose does Campus Diaries serve, when there are so many magazine circulating in the market. Sonic Prabhudesai, head of business development at Campus Diaries adds here “At Campus Diaries we trying to build a community around the content and for us the community aspect is much greater than anything else. We also believe the stories can be told in a much greater way when there is a context around the content. For someone studying in Delhi University, they will like to read and share a story written by someone from the same college. ” He also marks that this is the greater reason for the people to share and produce content. In addition to the online platform Campus Diaries also gives the writers a remote platform in the form of a magazine.

The initial launch was kept in a close alpha for about two months to observe the reactions from audience. The website now reflects a very good user interface and appeals to the audience. The community aspect has really come off well, I created a profile on the same to observe the interface. It was intriguing, next few minutes I was simply glued to the portal which had refreshing content and equally good photographs. The content is distributed across different genres and the best content among is published in the form of magazine every month.

Campus Diaries was created with objective to create a platform for creators, writers, photographers. Sonic chirps in “Right from the start we had this thought that we would have a platform that caters to creativity but at the same time we also knew that we wanted to take this to a next level, to a remote platform.” The initial plan was to cater the best of online content and tied it to a book but keeping in mind the content they receive both in the form of stories and pictures. They decided a magazine would really justify to what they have on their portal.

The idea of creating magazines was widely accepted as they successfully distributed a circulation of 6000 print magazines in just 30 days.”Thinking about it now you may think like we pulled out a big task but frankly speaking this is what we had always decided to do it.”

They now have around 120 people contributing from across the country across content, business etc. The magazines reaches to around 250 colleges across the country.

Campus Diaries now have a reach of 12k members on the website and 20k in the print circulation. Sonic believes they are still very small and have a whole range of things planned, he shares “by the end of this year we have targeted to reach around 60k in print and around one million subscription by the end of 2015”

He also discussed that expansion comes with their own set of challenges. He goes on to share some example on the same “There are many colleges who will not allow us to even their premises for any event, there are then challenges in term of distribution, logistics. Last month we had sent a consignment and it rained in between so around 300 copies were ruined. ”

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Okay there were lots lines discussed between us but I couldn’t mention all of them.

to conclude I would say the interface and stories (pictures too) are super cool, something that I had longed for. Eagerly waiting for the next edition.  🙂


my interest lines.

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As I scribble these lines on the wordpress dialog box, I cannot help but notice how I have wasted precious hours today.

I am not trying to be noble or thinking of ways to maintain a strict time table. It’s just that I need to be more productive if I have to achieve my dreams. Of late I am switching between two of my interests: writing and coding. Yes, I am fairly new to the coding open source world but I have been writing for the past 3 years or so.

Writing (no matter professional or personal) soothes my soul. I have noticed it, at times (when I didn’t scribbled anything for days ) I would be irritated and disturbed. So, I have made this a routine habit to write one thing or other everyday or even read.


Now, comes the coding part –> I would say I have been involved with the some amount of code since the age of 15 but I didn’t understood much of it back then. Its been like few months that I have taken this shit seriously and have few interesting people around. Yes, it would take me some amount of time to grasp all the relative concepts and deliver the results. but thats cool because I can do that.

I am happy that I have figured out what interests me the most while some people have absolutely no idea about it.

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Okay, part of my writing work needs my attention to posts for YourStory.in , where I work as a journalist. Its fun because I get to talk to many interesting people everyday and figure out how to write one interesting piece about their work. If you wish to see read my work, here is the LINK.

May be someday I will try to write more pronounced article for some international journalist portals. And may be someday I will contribute to some magical startup that aims to solve a real world problem.

As it is said For passionate and patient people it’s never too little, and it’s never too late.

untill next.