Drunk update

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Me and couple of seniors has a joy time time together. We had a drunk session and we are still enjoying the effects.
Such sessions are fun to attend but they bring them old memories which were not good. But still I am long way from that phase so I can put that aside.

So, the new news being is this I would be leaving for Bangalore this month, for which I am oviously excited. But having said that I will have to make sure that I do not make a mess of this oppurtunity.

For now I am contributing to few open source projects and they might come in handy in near future. Even if they do not I am learning with every project. Open source projects have many advantages. I am glad i am being able to come to a stage where I am able to make such contributions.


bad memories

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Had another dream today of my school, of S and of my mates. I don’t like them now, they remind me of a bad phase. A period of my life which I would to discard away, but they haunt me every now and then. It’s strange how a single factor can turn your good old times into horrible memories. At one point of time I used to cherish my life there, like things couldn’t be any better but now even remembering those days gives shakes me totally.
I dont remember the dream anymore, its faded which in a sense is good.

There is a meeting with Betaglide’s founder today, we would be discussing the terms of my 2 week stay in Bangalore. Whatever the term may be I would be glad to accept. This is by far the best chance I have been offered by any company.

Will be leaving for Bangalore next month.

Until Next.

Birthday Girl

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Its quite late in the night and I should be sleeping by now but then here I am writing.
So, why I am writing? So, there is this girl from college, we talk quite sometime. Actually we were good friends a year back but then things drifted apart. and ever since then we have been on and off. Never really settled on any thing and at the same time never bonded on anything either.

I don’t know what was going right between usthat we started bonding so well, suddenly. Yes, suddenly ! Being together for 2 years we never really talked much and then in 3rd year we started chatting.

Why I am writing about her? well its because yesterday was her birthday and deep in my corner I wanted to talk to her (but couldnt for her number was changed). That left me thinking. Why?

Actually I am myself not aware why and what I am writing these. I just wanted to write about.

Good night.

Midnight tales

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The title suggests its a midnight rant, i would not say exactly midnight. Its. 2:30 am, you get my point.
I am still reading the journal I was reading in the morning. Ya, i have no life. That reminds me this happens to be my second post today, something I havent done in recent times.

Blogging is hard when you have written more than 100s of posts. I was once freelancing as a journalist (at a national media house) worked there for 10 months. Before that i worked/ wrote number of blogs, articles, poems, tales and about everything I dreamt of doing once.

When i first started writing I had this dream of becoming a writer and people will praise my work. I was successful in achieving that dream. In less than 2 years i was satisfied and hence writing came to a halt. Now i tend to write more for myself( i dont need to please anyone) 😉

reading a journal

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Found a journal after a long interval and it seems just like the old times.

Alot has been happening in life (actually nothing is really happening. ) I am just sitting in my home jobless. Although there is one meeting today with our investors. Hope something good happens there.

And as if I was not facing enough troubles my notebook started giving me troubles as well.

generating a post by email again.

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Testing testing 123 123

hey there! its over

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It has been a while since I last wrote a article all because of my laziness. Yeah, I have one hell of a person. But more of it later I am here to discuss something else.

In the year 2010 I had a breakup (a terrible one) and I was lucky to get out of it with flying colors. Today its almost close to 4 years, all these days I was only trying to become a man who can bring my girl back. I was obsessed with her. To my luck she never tried contacting me, yeah a atypical scenario where the other person had already moved when you’re sulking in your sorrows. Believe me that was tough, very tough situation to handle.

What I realized today is that I had wasted my 4 years for a human bean who never cared if I was even alive or not. Yes, it was a mistake and I think I have suffered too much.

Its time to forgive the person who can never be a part of my life. And most importantly I forgive myself for letting myself suffer in the last 4 years.